Saturday, May 02, 2009

Open Letter To My beloved Tuk Din & Family In UK


For TukDin & All Family there.. we hope all of you are fine and under Maghfirah & Inayah from Allah Taala.. Ameen

Firstly, I am so sory because I late to reply your masaage. I just remember about your message (in my buku tamu) when my wife remine me after she read your message in her shoutbox. She said : Abang, Tukdin sent me a 'warning message'. You should reply him as fast as you can!! :)

2ndly, For your informations, Fairuz jr. will be born insyaallah next november. We hope your doa's always may Allah make it easy and the baby may join us travel to UK next time insyaallah. :)

3rdly, I am really shocked when i heard about arwah Abang Faizal. May Allah bless him. I got the news from abang Irfan and get a full story from Abang Rashid when when we meet in Yahoo Messenger. We did a little kenduri arwah here and always pray for him. We all know that he is a verry good person in his life.

4thly, I miss all of you and hope can meet all of you again. When Manchester Utd beat Arsenal one nil yesterday, i smiled in myself and keep thinking especially you and fauzi. I can mention how frustrated you two are.. hehehe. But never mind Tukdin, you have one more opportunity next week. See u at Emirates Stadium.

5thly, How about kak nurul. Is the baby coming yet? How about manja? How about Fauzi? and how about the most important person Aunty Midah? Hope those always smile and still courageous as arsenal's supporter. Feel Arsenal in our blood :)

Sorry lah tukdin..lama tak menulis and berbual dalam bahasa inggeris ni.. hope u can add me in your yahoo messenger http://messenger.yahoo.com/ so we can keep in touch all the time insyaallah..

Salam rindu from cairo Egypt..

Fairuz & Maria


ukanera arenaku said...

salam from kuala lumpur. how's life in cairo?

tuk din's restaurant will be opened insya-Allah, this month.


waalaikumussalam arenaKu Ukanera, ya i am fine here n TQ for coming. Long time not see U my brother. Tuk din has replied me and wrote to me a long story.

He got the key last friday. Lets pray for their success. I have somethings to ask you. But I never see u online in messenger..Hope can talk with u again..


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