Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Memories To Remember...


I was arrived at Malaysia (My lovely country after Mecca, Madeena, Cairo and UK if it posible) two days ago. I am still tired after the long journey (from London to Milan - Cairo - Mumbai - Kuala Lumpur - Muar ) and it is not ending yet because I just transit at my brother's house in Muar for a several days. I will finish my journey to my exotic 'kampung' in Batu Pahat. But, I feel upset because no body leaving there especially in my parent's house after my mum passed away three years ago. I miss my kampung and my house as well although no body leaving there now. It used to be my family's house but everything was changed just after three years. everybody made thier own life and moved from that house to the other places. I keep thinking, who will leave there and make it nice again. It should be me. I don't know.

I saw my album and also the DVD London Tour 2007/2008 which directed by Tuk Din. (TQ so much Tuk Din for the lovely 'ole-ole'). I miss somebodies, some relationships, some places and some things which disappeared just one weak ago. It's all about London. The persons, the buses, the tubes, the Makan cafe, the customers, the saturday's tazkeera, the college, the mosques, the school, the pupils, the friends and everythings. I miss those alot. I remember when Aisyah, Alyssa, Ahim, Ismail and the others siad : We will miss you Abang Fairuz. Yes, now I know it's true. I miss all of you. The 'sweet and sour' memories which will remember always. Oh my God. What I am searching for??

I thinks it's not too late to write a millions 'Terima Kasih' here for ;

My Land Lord, Abang Azad, Kak Fara, Ismail, Ibrahim, Aiman and the becoming baby (may be baby girl ameen) for everythings. Nice to meet and knowing you all.

My lovely brother Abang rashid, the first and the last Malay guy I met in London. TQ alots for everything.

My First Land Lord Abang Ridwan, Kak Siti, Amar, Aliya and Aqeel. Thanks alot.

My Boss, Uncle Azhar and Aunty Ani and all of the family. TQ for everythings espicially the experiences, the adjusable timetable and also the free foods. May Allah bless you All always.

My Big Family Tuk Din, Aunty Midah, Fauzi, Kak Nurul, Asmiron the Graharesidenku, Kak Lin HICom and also Manja. This house is my first port in weekend. The diferent team football not make us feel diferent. We can respect each other although MU will beet The Gunners in the end of the season. Hehehe..

Uncle Kasubi, Aunty Zuraiha, Tok, Aqeel, adik Alyssa, Ibu Aton and Kak Ida. I miss kenwin drive alot. TQ so so so much for everything. This house give me plenty of memories to remember.

Abang Irfan, Kak Faridah, adik Aisyah and Safura. I miss the 'ayam comel' and the tossey. Tq For everythings.

Abang Faizal, Kak Nina, Norman and Fara. Tq for everything espicially your helps and advices to improve my language and my future. May Allah give you all what we call it 'kelaurga bahagia selamanya'.

Abang Kamarul, kak shafa and the ladys. I will remember we are not how good we are, we are how good we want to be. TQ alots.

Uncle Hulaimi the Awang Goneng, Kak Teh and the family (just I know Taufiq's name). TQ very much for everythings.

Abang Ali, Kak Lin and the baby. I will call you in UIA insyaallah. TQ very much.

Uncle Ali, Aunty Pipah and the family. Tq very much.

Aunty puteri. Pak Ya, Mak Jah, Lutfi and family. Us. Erfinor and the family. Tq very much.

For My Freinds, Bong, Pak John, Sam, Kak Ida, Pak eri, Naim, Pak We, abang Aji, Lyanna and all of the makan cafe family.

My Principle Dato Yunus Rais, the Sels college owner. My Teacher Richard and my friends at sells college, mariko, nahuko, alla and dammete.

Also my unofficial teacher, Teacher Su (tunang Sam).

Also Aunty Jamilah (almanar mosque), Imam Ahmad Dahduh and all of the officers and staffs.

Also Pak Wi And the family of Malaysian Hall's restaurant.

And all of the londoners yang baik hati membantu saya sepanjang saya berada di sana. Terima kasih daun keladi. Ada rezeki bertemu kembali.



faisal said...

apa khabar ust?/
bagaimana persiapan menghadapi hari2 yang bahagia yang akan menamatkan zaman bujang ust...
allah...maaf ust,saya terlupa nak memperkanalkan diri saya...
nama saya mohd faisal bin md bashah ank murid abg ust (ust muhidir). tetapi saya mula melayari blog ust sejak diperkenalkan oleh kak maria bakri... saya rasa ust kenal siapa gerangan kak maria bakri tu kan...hehehe...i`allah klu diizinkan pada walimah di sempang renggam blehlah kita berkenalan... ust saya mahu mempelajari b arab,boleh ust ajarkan dari bawah pe yang perlu saya buat?/ klu ust nak menghantar e-mail bleh lah antar di (islamic_boy007@yzhoo.com.my). saya terpaksa mengundurkan diri walaupun brat jari jemari ni nak berhenti... ust klu sudi berilah tunjuk ajar kepada saya yang serba kekurangan dan berkongsi pengalaman yang telah ust timba di negara orang.. akhirulkalam...assalamualaikum...

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